Edmund Manydeeds III at 3410 Oakwood Mall Drive # 600

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Edmund Manydeeds III offers services of a lawyer, law firm, attorney

Phone: +1 715-832-5777

Address: 3410 Oakwood Mall Drive # 600
Eau Claire, WI 54701
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Website: rgmlawec.com

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  • Mar 30, 2017 by Rebecca Keiser
    I called Mr.Manydeeds for advice as I have done in the past. He is kind & listens. Then he gives me his advice and representation if needed. I'm grateful for his advice,guidance, and .. . He's always did right by me & opened my eyes to what I may not see/hear. Things are not always what they appear. Because of his wisdom I, Ed this has to do with the sick Christmas puppy 4yrs ago, I was able to see the breeder was having major health issues. I would've only made her situation worse. Thank you Mr.Manydeeds for continuously being there for me. And for my mother. She thinks the world of you. Always has. Respectfully, Becki Toy-Keiser

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    Edmund Manydeeds III offers the most comprehensive range of legal services: representation in courts and any proceedings, pre-trial settlement, etc. Edmund Manydeeds III located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. You can find other courts and attorneys near you.